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Captured and Commanded Trigger Warnings

This Book Includes:




Dubious Consent


Punishments involving:

isolation, blindfolds, restraints, belts 

Discussions of:

Prior threats of violence/assault that involve blackmail

Prior Parental death


 (NOT From Within the Relationship) involving:


Being drugged



Car Crash


Darcie's Note:  I've tried to make these as thorough as possible, while indicating whether the triggers come from within the couple/harem or potentially triggering events from outside threats.  I, too, have triggers and mine are not ones that are typically listed on warning lists, so if there is something you think I should add, please reach out to me and I will add it.  I would NEVER want anyone to be hurt by something I write.  Self-care always comes first!  Sending my love and care to everyone who experiences challenges and escapes into fiction as a way to heal/survive.  

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