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I'm so happy you're here.  My biggest dream for my writing is to find readers who connect with my characters and their emotional journeys the way I do.  My characters are like family, which is why I invest so heavily in all their ups and downs, from my sweet and steamy monsters to my hard-edged, violent mobsters.  My books will take you on a deeply soul-stirring ride that will always arrive at a satisfying HEA... but hold on tight, because tears and gripping moments, laughter and heartache, and all of life's unexpected and intense highs and lows live in these stories, just like in our lives.  Happy reading, my friends!

D. McQueen 

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Bianca is completely underwhelmed with her modern life of craptastic dating, a soulless career, and the pursuit of nothing particularly noteworthy. What she wants—what she’s always wanted—is for her life to be an adventure. And she’s never completely abandoned her childhood dreams of being… a princess. Every girl is promised princesshood, so why are there so few openings?


The monsters of Clumberton Castle are desperately seeking a princess to give them legitimacy and reunite their family, so discovering Bianca’s hidden desires gives them hope. But can they convince the lovely Bianca to take the leap and leave her realm for theirs? Will she be terrified when she discovers the identities of those seeking to woo her? And is she capable of actually loving monsters—the Dark Queen won’t be fooled by a fake.

If Bianca crosses the boundary and doesn’t choose to be their princess, the monsters will lose everything, but isn’t love worth every risk? Everything now depends on whether Bianca can open her heart to an unconventional romance and leave behind the one person who matters most to her—her father.


To Princess or not to Princess—that is the question. Bianca’s answer will change the lives of all.

Bianca and the Monsters is a standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA.

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Coming Soon...

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Book 2 in the Sweet Monster Society series


It's Meryl's turn to find love in Monster Land.  

Description and release date coming soon.

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Book 4 in the Tricked and Traded series


Description and release date coming soon.

Book 4 in the Vows & Vendettas series


Description and release date coming soon.

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