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I'm so happy you're here.  My biggest dream for my writing is to find readers who connect with my characters and their emotional journeys the way I do.  My characters are like family, which is why I invest so heavily in all their ups and downs, from my sweet and steamy monsters to my hard-edged, violent mobsters.  My books will take you on a deeply soul-stirring ride that will always arrive at a satisfying HEA... but hold on tight, because tears and gripping moments, laughter and heartache, and all of life's unexpected and intense highs and lows live in these stories, just like in our lives.  Happy reading, my friends!

D. McQueen 

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Daphne's New Omegaverse Release!


Into every generation an omega reveals.


For most, the prophecy is a myth. But not to Tillie, who yearns for an omegaverse awakening to heal this broken world.


Attending the flagship Omega-palooza convention is a rite of passage for every believer, and Tillie is living her dream until a chance meeting with a world-famous celebrity. He's sexy, irresistible, and larger than life, and the moment they touch, her body calls to him…


… and his body answers, an instant connection between two strangers that proves the omegaverse is no myth. 


Becoming an omega tears Tillie from the life she loves and confirms the darkest truth imaginable. The prophecy was true, the believers were right—with every generation, an omega did reveal. But the world never knew because of what happened next.


Outnumbered and surrounded, Tillie faces the same fate as every omega that ever revealed.


The hunt begins.


The difference is Tillie knows what she’s fighting for, and this shiny, new omega isn’t afraid to get stabby. But she can’t do this alone and, if she doesn’t find her alphas soon, she’ll join all the omegas who were silenced by the same corrupt forces working to keep the world broken.


One chance—that’s all she has. Find her pack and embrace their bonds, or none of them will survive.


Generation Omega: Revealed is the first book in the Originverse series and is MMFMM(?) why choose.

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Coming Soon...

Meryl Temporary Cover copy.jpg

Book 2 in the Sweet Monster Society series


It's Meryl's turn to find love in Monster Land.  

Description and release date coming soon.

T&T4 Preorder Cover copy.jpg

Book 4 in the Tricked and Traded series


Description and release date coming soon.

Book 4 in the Vows & Vendettas series


Description and release date coming soon.

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